Volunteer Opportunities


Sweetwater’s mission is to provide a refuge for all those interested in awakening and community engagement. As a volunteer-based community, with a weekly meditation schedule and a diversity of active programs, SWZC would not be possible without the effort, generosity and volunteer support of our many dedicated volunteers.

No matter how much time you have to spare there is a volunteer opportunity for you—whether that means vegetable gardening, or caring for the meditation gardens, flower arranging, cleaning, cooking or construction, or participating in the governance committees or circles at the Center. Whatever your motivation, we welcome your talent and enthusiasm!

If you are a new friend to SWZC and would like to volunteer in some capacity around the community, please contact the Volunteer Steward. For members, and those familiar with SWZC, consider participating in the work-practice schedule or in shared stewardship.

Work-Service (Samu):

In Zen practice we cultivate an appreciation of labor through work practice, or samu. Work practice is one way we manifest our spiritual practice in our daily lives, in our relationships with others, and in caring for our environment—bringing our meditation into the world.

In this way, work is less a means to an end, than an end in itself—a practice of selfless service that contributes to the maintenance of the temple and the welfare of the community. Please sign up for work-service positions around the Center, or speak to the Volunteer Steward. for a samu position.

Shared Stewardship:

For community members volunteering may additionally mean taking on leadership roles in the community through the practice of shared stewardship, moving in and out of voluntary stewardship roles as their time and circumstances allow.

If you are interested in joining a particular circle please contact the circle steward directly. For general shared stewardship questions contact the Circles steward for further information.