Fire Circle & Water Ceremony

Sunday, December 31, 2pm – midnight.
Join us for our New Year Program. Come write your affirmations for the new year and join us for a wonderful ceremony.

Fire Circle on December 31st: During the fire circle, we gather around the fire and burn slips of paper with our Affirmations for the new year. We usually have a short council around the fire and share our wishes for the New Year.

Water Ceremony On January 1st: In the summer of 2016, members of the Sweetwater Zen Center community came together to bear witness to water, its centrality to our individual lives, and to the relationships to which it gives shape.  For many of us our relationship to water is simply utilitarian–we turn on the tap and are met with the familiarity of flowing water.  While for some of us, access to water is a challenge.  And yet, every living being lives in a watershed, where relationships to water give shape to live shared in common.

Coming out of this effort to bear witness plunge to water, we gathered as a community to mark the new year, and to celebrate and honor our relationship to water by inviting the Sweetwater River into our lineage of Zen ancestors and elders.  This year we will begin 2018, with the same ceremony, focused on starting off our years as individuals, and as a community, by reflecting on the importance of what water teaches–the wisdom of life held in common.

Registration & Information: No need for Registration just show up! Join us for all or part of the program. All ages are welcome. Donations are appreciated.

To volunteer or for questions contact: Robert Bobby Chowa @ 

Schedule of Events:

Dec 31st 
2:00pm – 5:00pm Writing Affirmations/Dedications
8:00pm – 9:30pm Zazen ( meditation)
10:00pm – Midnight Fire Circle & Chanting of the Heart Sutra

Jan 1st             
11:00am Gate of Sweet Nectar Ceremony
11:30am Water Ceremony and offering to the Sweetwater River