Ango/Practice Period 2017

Sun, June 4th – Sun, August 27th.
Ango is a 90-day intensive practice period. Join us in deepening our relationship to practice!

Ango is a 90-day intensive practice period where all are encouraged to deepen their commitment to practice. During this time the schedule is ramped up to include more opportunities to deepen our relationship to zazen (meditation), working together, and Dharma study. Teachers are available for face-to-face instruction and koan practice throughout the 90 days.

There is no need to participate in the full Ango schedule, and everyone is encouraged to do as much of the schedule as their circumstances allows. Commuting participants are encouraged to make a commitment at the start of Ango to participate fully within their means. Residential accommodations are available for the full 90 day period.

For more information on Ango and intensive practice visit the Ango/Intensive Practice information page.

Registration & Information: For more information or to sign up for all or some of the schedule please contact Roshin @

Some scholarships Available.