Winter Fundraiser 2015
Many good things are happening at Sweetwater Zen Center!

Dear Sweetwater Zen Center Members, Friends, and Supporters,

As we move further along our path of implementing governance by circles and shared stewardship, we are seeing many exciting changes. A greater diversity of voices and energies are active in making Sweetwater Zen Center a vital place of practice and community life. Through the generosity and efforts of many people, SWZC is on a firm and stable financial footing. This has allowed us to make several improvements to our facilities:

  • Rearrangement of our storage facilities featuring a new storage shed.
  • Upgrading the residential cottages such as replacing windows and other items.
  • Painting the buildings.

In terms of Zen practice and programming, we are also going strong. The past year has seen a summer practice period, various training councils, guest speakers and workshops. We also had a good-sized jukai (lay ordination) class and a tokudo (priest ordination.)
Our move toward a volunteer-based, rather than staff-based, approach to running SWZC's daily operations, has allowed us to serve the community through volunteer work and also provide more opportunities for scholarships for those wishing to engage in intensive practice.

In 2016, with your generous support, we hope to continue this momentum and continue to improve our infrastructure and offerings at SWZC. We are hoping to:

  • Provide new signage around the Center.
  • Upgrade some of our community and practice spaces.
  • Increase our landscaping efforts.
  • Have a 90-day summer ango (intensive practice period) and offer many programs.
  • Raise the funds to offer scholarships to those who need it to participate in Ango and other programs.

Based on these objectives, our goal for this year-end fundraising campaign is $8,000. Your donations will allow us to continue to meet our normal budgetary expenses in a way that allows us to continue to actively improve our facilities and offer the Dharma in the San Diego South Bay region.

Please use the paypal button below to donate. If you would like to send a check, send it to:

Sweetwater Zen Center
2727 Highland Ave
National City, CA, 91950.  

Yours in the Buddhadharma,
The SWZC Fundraising Circle