To study the Buddha way is to study the self.
To study the self is to forget the self.
To forget the self is to be enlightened by all things.
~Dogen Zenji

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Sesshin Information and Fees

Sesshin is a Japanese term that translates literally "to unify the mind." This is a concentrated practice retreat ... which includes meditation, working together, chanting and walking. Teachers are available for face-to-face instruction and koan practice throughout the day.

People are encouraged to participate in as much of each retreat as their personal schedule allows. There is some room for staying at the Center during sesshin. Some participants prefer to sleep at their own home. Even though it is possible to do each sesshin with your own schedule, you are encouraged to make a strong commitment to your schedule to have a strong experience.

During most sesshins, participants bring simple food to prepare. Kitchens are available and there is 20 minutes to prepare breakfast and 30 minutes to prepare lunch. We eat together for breakfast and lunch. We don’t eat dinner together. There is an hour and a half to prepare and eat dinner.

Since there are many different ways that each of us is participating in sesshin, consider the below guidelines to determine what your donation will be. Please keep in mind that there are many expenses associated with maintaining the Zen Center and offering sesshin. There are also many members who are giving a lot of volunteer time to make this sesshin possible.

Part Time Participants: Consider the donations made by the full time participants to determine your fee.

Dana: We also ask that you give a donation (Sanskrit dana) to the Zen Center in appreciation for the teachings. Sesshin fees are very low to encourage all to attend, but the fees do not cover the costs. Please add a little gift (dana) to your sesshin fees in gratitude.

Contact: For Information please email Richard Kozan Cummings

Sesshin Housing Meals
Members $15 per day $15 per day When provided
$5 per meal
Non-Members $25 per day $30 per day
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The suggested membership fee is $50.00 per month,
however you can contribute as much as your situation allows.
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