Fuketsu was in the government office of Eishu (a province of China).  He ascended the rostrum and said, "The mind-seal of the Ancestor (Bodhidharma) is like the activity of the iron ox (an iron ox was set on the bottom of the Yellow River to regulate its flow).  When the seal is removed, the impression remains.  When it remains, the seal is violated.  If the seal neither remains nor is removed, would it be right to give permission, or not?"
At this point, the senior monk Rohi stepped forward and said, "I have the activity of the iron ox.  However, I ask Your Reverence not to give me permission."
Fuketsu said, "I am accustomed to fishing for whales and to cleaning the great ocean.  Today, I am distressed to see a nasty little frog wiggling about in the mud." Rohi stood there, hesitating.
Fuketsu shouted, "Katsu." and said, "why don't you say something?" Rohi seemed to be debating to himself about what to say.
Ketsu beat him with his whisk and said, "Do you have anything to say?  Say it and I'll check it for you.”  Rohi was about to speak when Ketsu gave him another blow.
The Chief Magistrate said, "Buddha's law and the king's law are of the same nature."
Ketsu said, "What is the reason you have found for that?"
The Chief Magistrate said, "When called upon to make a judgement, one must judge.  Otherwise, one invites disorder." 
Ketsu descended from the rostrum.