The support of the Membership is essential for the functioning of Sweetwater Zen Center. Without you we cannot establish and maintain our practice center in the South Bay. With the dependable monthly donation from Members, it is possible to budget and plan responsibly. The Members are also active in keeping the programs running and helping out with everything that needs to be done.

As a Member you will have the opportunity for private instruction with Roshi and to take advantage of the various study programs as they evolve. Our practice is centered on meditation, council and dharma talks. We also have study groups and training in other areas. Members receive discounts for activities at SWZC and at our sister monastery, Zen Mountain Center. We also have a Membership e-mail group for disseminating information and promoting community communication.

The suggested membership fee is $50.00 per month, however you can adjust your membership donation to contribute as much as your situation allows. If you would like to become a member please fill out the membership form. Once we receive your form we will contact you by e-mail or phone.
If you have any questions call the Zen Center at 619-477-0390 or e-mail the membership steward.

If you are a member or friend please use the window below to make your monthly contribution. Thank you for your support and practice.

Members of SWZC are people who participate regularly and frequently in SWZC activities. They may: vote in SWZC elections, hold leadership positions, borrow books from the library, and receive many other benefits. The suggested membership fee is $50.00 per month, however you can contribute as much as your situation allows.

If you are not a member and would like to become one we invite you to attend our Sunday program where you can review an application and talk to the membership steward.

Friends are members who, due to distance or some other reason, cannot participate on a regular basis yet wish to maintain an ongoing relationship with SWZC and receive our weekly emails. We suggest Friends make a regular contribution of $30 per quarter (every three months).