The 16 Bodhisattva Precepts



1- Oneness the awakened nature of all beings.

2- Diversity the ocean of wisdom and compassion.

3- Harmony the interdependence of all creation.

1- Not-Knowing, thereby giving up fixed ideas about ourselves and the universe.

2- Bearing witness to the joy and suffering of the world.

3- Loving actions towards ourselves and others.

1- I recognize that I am not separate from all that is. This is the practice of Non-killing. I will not lead a harmful life, nor encourage others to do so. I will live in harmony with all life and the environment that sustains it.

2- I will be satisfied with what I have. This is the practice of Non-stealing. I will freely give, ask for, and accept what is needed.

3- I will encounter all creations with respect and dignity. This is the practice of Chaste Conduct. I will give and accept love and friendship without clinging.

4- I will speak the truth and deceive no one. This is the practice of Non-lying. I will speak from the heart. I will see and act in accordance with what is.

5- I will cultivate a mind that sees clearly. This is the practice of Not Being Deluded. I will not encourage others to be deluded. I will embrace all experience directly.

6- I will unconditionally accept what each moment has to offer. This is the practice of Not Talking About Others Errors and Faults. I will acknowledge responsibility for everything in my life.

7- I will speak what I perceive to be the truth without guilt or blame. This is the practice of Not Elevating Myself and Blaming Others. I will give my best effort and accept the results.

8- I will use all of the ingredients of my life. This is the practice of Not Being Stingy. I will not foster a mind of poverty in myself or others.

9- I will transform suffering into wisdom. This is the practice of Not Being Angry. I will not harbor resentment, rage, or revenge. I will roll all negative experience into my practice.

10- I will honor my life as an instrument of peacemaking. This is the practice of Not Thinking Ill of the Three Treasures. I will recognize myself and others as manifestations of Oneness, Diversity and Harmony.