Bringing the Precepts to Life

Sat, October 21st, Time 10am-4pm. We will look at the Precepts as guidelines to help us live a more peaceful and harmonious life.

The 16 Bodhisattva Precepts are the ethical guidelines that we work with in Soto Zen Buddhism. They also form the heart of the Rule that is used in the Zen Peacemaker Order, cofounded by Bernie Glassman. Study of the precepts and/ or the ZPO Rule is a life-long process.

This October, Sweetwater Zen Center will be offering a one-day workshop to learn and study these precepts. The workshop is a first step for those wishing to take the precepts in the jukai ceremony. It is, however, open to all who are interested in learning about and studying how we can work with these precepts in our daily lives.

Although meant as an introduction, the workshop can help to support people at all levels of practice with the Bodhisattva Precepts and the ZPO Rule.

Workshop will cover:

*** All are welcome. This workshop is particularly recommended for those who are preparing for lay ordination (Jukai) ***
Suggested Donation: $25 is the suggested donation. However, no one is turn away for lack of funds, you can donate as much as your financial situation allows. Scholarships are available to those unable to pay the full amount, please inquire.
Anne Seisen Saunders Roshi
For Registration contact:
Roshin @ 
Lunch: *** Bring your own lunch ***